Really LinkedIn? REALLY?

I receive a lot of job offers/interview requests on LinkedIn. My profile clearly indicates that I do not wish to receive these requests. And as much as you may hate Facebook, at least on here random people can't contact me if I don't want them to. On LinkedIn, pretty much anyone can contact me so long as they make the "category" somehthing I want to hear about.

This came Friday, below that is my response.

---------------------- [The message I received]

Hi Jordan,

Your profile was just referred to me by our team and I think you have an impressive background. I wanted to leverage your experience and connections and let you know about what's going on at LinkedIn.

As you have likely heard, it is a very exciting time to be here, especially for our engineers. We're rapidly expanding and looking for talent whose work will have a real impact on our applications.

Would you be open to having a short conversation with me? We have quite a few openings right now, so I would also welcome any referrals that you may have.

In the meantime you can check out more information here:<>


-R*** T*** LinkedIn

***You can also reach me directly at my email: rt****

---------------------- [My Response]


You are receiving this reply because I respect LinkedIn as a tool and I don't like seeing it abused - by outsiders our people within your organization. Your message is marked with the category "Expertise request" which it obviously is not. Instead, you have used the system to try and send me a "Job Inquiry", something I explicitly left out of my contact settings. For that reason alone I would never entertain a position offered by you, nor would I pass it on to a colleague.

I expect you may stop reading at this point, but I'm going to continue in the hopes that someone with any kind of control may read it (I know, pie int he sky dreams). I receive requests like this on a regular basis (although it has slowed recently), and I typically mark them as spam - because that's what they are. They are unsolicited messages explicitly against my wishes within this system. I expect some level of deception/rule bypassing from typical recruiters - it's in their nature. But from a LinkedIn representative I am very disappointed.

In closing, please consider this my heart-felt "no way in hell" will I work for your company.

With deep disdain,



Too harsh? By the way, I also marked his message as spam - here's hoping someone will read it. crosses fingers

Published on June 18, 2012