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A drop-in, easy to use, easy to configure captcha system to help curb spambots. Highly customizable, but with minimal necessary options to use effectively.


Customizable and interactive lists of questions and answers (useful for site


Matches results from a data array and displays them in a list directly below the input field with smart searching (via Quicksilver). Includes keyboard controls and is highly customizable.


Make custom image checkboxes and radio buttons super easy. Use standard form inputs and labels with custom images for display.


Makes checking the requirements for - and the strength of - passwords very easy. Configure any/all requirements, look and feel of the meter, and strength levels - or use standard options for simple drop-in functionality.


Allows for pre-form submission file previews on images and icon previews for non-images (and in unsupported browsers).


Pre-fills form inputs based on JSON data passed in. It is smart enough to find the correct form to autofill for you and it knows how to fill all different kinds of inputs.