Rethinking Async Workflows

Jordan Kasper | @jakerella

So that's what promises do?

Not quite.

Promises are a mechanism for managing callbacks.

Using a Promise

Using a Promise

Multiple Promises

Multiple Promises

Multiple Promises

Making a Promise

The one ring

Async Callbacks

Creating a Promise

What's the Difference?

That's nice...

...but it doesn't really get us where we want to be.

Two Paths

So you're thinking...

Sly smile from Riker

... aaaah, but how long until I can use this?

async/await are supported in:

  • Chrome (stable)
  • Firefox (stable)
  • Edge (stable)
  • Safari (stable + mobile)
  • Node (7+)
  • And if all else fails... use Babel or Traceur!

And Internet Explorer?


Want to use generators?

Don't reinvent sliced bread!