This is my first published board game! In Ni-ju-san, to reach enlightenment you must find, follow, and complete your path, but you are not alone, there are others on this path. The path is not for the timid, if enlightenment were easy, everyone would attain it. It is ever changing, and there are perils to keep even the wisest from succeeding. Choose your actions carefully!


This is a Wordle Clone with a few extra features. It's essentially the same rules, but you can play more than once a day. The game uses the Official Scrabble dictionary as both the selection of "solution" words, and to check guesses. Among other features are the ability to play 5- or 6-letter words, use default opening words, and change the difficulty (depth of the dictionary in terms of word frequencies).


This is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with as few necessary supplies/pieces as possible (fewer things to buy and carry with you). The game is much more simple than most RPGs, requiring no Dungeon Master (DM), and only 2 decks of playing cards, these instructions, pencil and paper, and a token for each character/player. While the instructions may seem long for players new to RPG systems, they are significantly shorter than the instructions for most RPGs - some of which are printed in numerous 100+ page volumes!

There are a few scenarios built into the game system, but you can always create more based on the mechanics.

Prince Albert

Prince Albert is a simple card game that combines elements of poker, gin rummy, and point bidding to create a unique card-game experience. The game is played with a standard playing card deck and works with 2-4 players (although you can alter the rules slightly to play with five).