simpleFilter(current version: 0.9)

SimpleFilter is a jQuery plug-in that simply filters an array of strings by some input. To use the plug-in, call the simpleFilter function on a text input (or anything with a value that can have a 'keyup' event triggered on it) and provide the source for the data. This plug-in will match results in the data and display them in a list directly below the input. Clicking on an option in the list inserts that content into the input and hides the list (there are also keyboard controls).


Feature List

Tested Browsers

Note that not all browsers have had every feature tested. This plug-in is still an early version, although relatively stable (I think). Please be sure to read the disclaimer and lack-of-warranty clause at the top of the code.

* Using jQuery 1.2 may cause filtered lists to appear above or below the input incorrectly depending on many factors. Upgrading to jQuery 1.2.3 or higher fixes these issues.